Application effect

As scientific tests have shown

the result is not affected by factors such as wear of machines and mechanisms when using the product.

In all cases, a positive result was obtained for all indicators. Key indicators are presented below: 

   Increases the motor resource of machines and mechanisms
  Restores the operating parameters of worn equipment
  Doubles the life of the engine oil
  Increases the service life of gear oil
  Stabilizes and increases in compression and oil pressure
  Increases corrosion protection
  Reduces exhaust emissions
  Reduces fuel consumption by an average of 10%
  Reduces electricity consumption by 8% - 15%
  Reduces vibration and noise by 30%
  Decreases working temperature
  Reduces operating costs

The ETEX product ensures that its greatest effect is maintained up to 50,000 km for transport or 2,000 hours for machinery and equipment. According to our experts, the cost of the product is recouped from the immediate effect of saving energy resources and the delayed effect of increasing the operation of the motor and mechanisms by using the product after 1000 km for transport or 100 hours for machinery and equipment.

Risk reduction

  • Decreased risk of sudden machine shutdown;

  • It is possible to: prevent, control and manage the wear process;

  • Decrease in repair work;

  • Reduces the risk of machine overheating;

  • Operation of the mechanism in emergency conditions with total or partial oil loss.

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The greatest economic effect from the use of ETEX is achieved

  • On equipment where replacement of spare parts is costly;

  • On equipment where rapid wear of parts occurs and frequently need replacing;

  • On energy-intensive equipment, where the effect is achieved not only by increasing the resource, but also by significant energy savings.