Product technology

The product is developed based on minerals of geological origin, which is a thin multi-component mixture of silicates with a layered structure. It contains about thirty components that together form a new composite material.

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The main objective of the product is to optimize the clearances in the joints, and reduce the friction of metals, thus eliminating the wear of machine parts and reducing energy consumption.

Since our product delivers particles of friction geo-modifiers to the friction surfaces its difference from other anti-friction products is the ability to create new, perfect friction surfaces as the mechanisms in the machine operate. One of the main advantages is that the processing of mechanisms is possible without disassembling them, in the operating mode at normal load, without interrupting operation. As a result of further operation of the mechanism, wear occurs on the newly formed layer, not on the surface of the part itself.

It is worth noting that the ETEX product does not contain any of the known substances and additives such as molybdenum, tin, copper or industrial diamonds that reduce friction, but at high temperatures, they often lead to coking or deposition of solid combustion products in the piston ring area, which negatively affects the operation of the cylinder-piston group.  It is carefully designed geo-modifier of friction based on natural minerals that are added to improve their anti-wear properties.  

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The composition of  ETEX is not soluble in greases and oils, it can be included in any lubricant, as it does not react with them. Lubricants only act as product conductors to  friction parts.

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ETEX has its proprietary technology and is an environmentally-friendly product.

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By its nature, it is not alien to metal, and therefore it stays on the surface of steel much better than various depositions.